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***Sorry for the delay, work's been getting in the way recently.  Getting back into it, expect more updates soon.***

So I meant to post this Sunday but things got in the way.

Now open for requests. Free, same as last time.

Send me a note with your request, (do not post it in the comments) and I'll answer them/post them in the order received.

Provide reference materials and be specific about what you want—pose, expression, whatever. I'll send you a rough draft as with the last round, until we're at a stage of approval, and then do the final version.


-Characters must be 18 or older.

-No transformation sequences. Before/after pics are fine though.

-Humans/humanoids only. No anthros or animals, must be canonically human/humanoid, no "humanized" characters.

-One slot/character per customer.

-Nothing NSFW.

-I also reserve the right to reject any request for reasons not specified above.

Quality level will be about at "Dichotomy":
Dichotomy by Any-Other

Keep in mind I will also be working on side projects, so don't be upset if you see non-commissioned works pop up during this period. Your stuff is getting worked on.


1. Mugenkeiji--OC Anetta/Anthea--rough draft

2. Entropy232--Korra (Avatar: LOK)--rough draft

3. Jesphox11--Aki before/after (Yugioh 5D's)--rough draft

4. MaskedWander--OC Midori/Masked Midori--rough draft

5. McBrannulds--Star Sapphire (DC Comics)--rough draft

6. IrysGundam005--OC Aurelie Ransaki--rough draft

7. SDKZero--Yuko Sagiri before/after (Triage X)--rough draft

8. XxAznProdigyxX--Miss Fortune before/after (League of Legends)

9. Inumax--Ivy before/after (Soulcaliber 3) 

10. Firecloud20--Katarina before/after (League of Legends)

11. OnyxSteelGray1213-- Lara Croft before/after

12. Mavie-- OC Amanda Robinson

13. Jordberi--Akali (League of Legends)

14. Bloodstar91--Heidi Vuorela

15. Saboguitar--Aya Kobayashi as Captain Marvel 

16. maskslover--Cammy (Street Fighter)

17. GhostXS--Jessica Rabbit

18. Elvisfonz22--Peggy Brandt before/after

19. Biscuitdude--OC Roxanne

20. Kodiak-Cub--Oc Alison

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A person named shemasknita is posting your pictures, are they doing it with your permission? Because I don't see them on your profile.
Any-Other Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, they're not.  I think one of the other people they've stolen from has notified dA though, so it should be taken care of.
SymbioteNaruto Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
If you report yours you can probably help show dA that they are doing it with multiple artists and that it needs to stop sooner, possibly with them getting banned.
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